3D Train Studio
3D Train Studio

Create your own miniature world!

3D Train Studio allows you to plan and design miniature worlds on your own PC in a simple and fun way.

Whether it's a model railroad with tracks from popular manufacturers or a realistic railroad simulation, 3D Train Studio unites all the tools you need, under a modern and intuitive user interface.

Download 3D Train Studio V8.5

For Windows 64 Bit. More downloads


3D Train Studio supports you in a simple way in planning a realistic railroad simulation. Construct your layouts with thousands of tracks in all common gauges, true to detail and scale.


Create a landscape of mountains and valleys, place houses and trees along roads and bring your own miniature world to life - with modern 3D graphics and in real time.


Enter the virtual railroad and playfully simulate a complete railroad operation, including animated barriers, signals or road vehicles, automatically or through custom defined events.


The perfect layout

3D Train Studio contains over 2000 different tracks from well-known manufacturers in all common gauges, which can be used to plan classic indoor layouts, garden railroads, brick style railroads or even real track constructions.

You are supported with professional tools for laying the tracks. Various 3D views and the layer management provide a clean overview even for the most complex track plans.

The world awakens

A track plan is just the beginning in 3D Train Studio. In addition to numerous terrain tools for shaping the landscape, the online catalog provides access to thousands of additional models for designing the layout.

The miniature world awakens as soon as the first train starts moving, barriers close and cars come to a halt at traffic lights, automated or manually controlled by a custom control panel.



Track library

Over 2000 different tracks from well-known manufacturers, in all common gauges.

Terrain design

Designing the landscape with mountains, valleys, waters, vegetation and more.

Rolling stock

Numerous locomotives, wagons, cars and other vehicles from different eras.

Online catalog

Parts catalog with access to thousands of additional models, contributed by the community.


Real-time planning and simulation, from different 2D and 3D perspectives.

Railroad operations

Support of track blocks and routes to ensure realistic railroad operations.


Event-driven automation of all processes with the support of the Lua scripting language.


Programming interface (API) for connecting external programs, such as Rocrail.

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from 49.90 Euro

Available track systems
Free design of the landscape
Event management for simulation of rail operations
Access to the online catalog with thousands of additional models
Full layer and route support
Max. 3 layers
Construction of complex layouts
150 models per layout
Define your own tracks and components
Share layouts with other users
Connection to external programs (such as Rocrail)
Automatic data backup with revisioning support
Discounts on new releases
Multiple users for families and friends